I am SINGING IN THE RAIN. THE RAIN LEAVES A SCAR. I am just mourning my FATE, hoping I can GET OUT FROM THE SHELL, saying good bye to LOST HEAVEN. My DEAREST LOVE left me and she didn’t say FAREWELL. It was KILLING ME. I wanna SELL MY SOUL, but I remember her VOICE for the last time and SHE SAID, “DIVE TO BLUE with your WHITE FEATHERS. Feel the TASTE OF LOVE even if without me. Don’t let your EXISTANCE lost. Because TIME GOES ON. SPIRIT DREAMS INSIDE will lead you to PROMISED LAND. STILL I’M WITH YOU to go to the SEVENTH HEAVEN.” After DAYBREAK’s BELL rings, MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM. IT’S THE END of my CURELESS scar. I am not COMING LOSER anyomore. I WISH I could see her with her BLURRY EYES again in a NEW WORLD, where FLOWER is blooming, WIND OF GOLD is blowing, THE SILVER SHINING, and we are FEELING FINE.

I’M SO HAPPY because the SECRET SIGNS of SNOW DROP and WINTER FALL have been solved. ALL IN THE AIR becomes into many PIECES. AS ONE, she is MY DEAR, AS IF IN A DREAM.

Kalo ada yang nyadar, yang di-CAPSLOCK sama dibold itu semua judul lagu L’arc~en~Ciel atau Laruku… Digabung jadi satu cerita… Hehehehe… :)


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